Kenneth A. Abe, D.D.S.
Specialist in Periodontics
Microsurgery, Digital Dental Implantology
Call: (650)941-2168

3-D Digital Ridge Augmentation

Dr. Abe has developed a procedure to predictably create ridge contours via digitally determining the correct ridge shape to place implants to allow the ideal crown or tooth placement. This allows the desired tooth position to determine the shape of the ridge rather than the ridge determining where the tooth can be placed. This "restoratively guided ridge development" results in better aesthetics and implant stability over time. A CT scan and digitized impression of the area are electronically merged together. In the computer, an ideal tooth is "virtually" placed in the best position possible with the opposing dentition, bite and aesthetics taken into consideration. Once the best tooth position is determined, an implant is virtually placed which will best support the tooth. When the "ideal" implant positioned is determined, the underlying bone is evaluated to determine the ideal bone contour to support the implant. If there needs to be an adjustment of the bony support, the change is digitally designed in the computer and a 3-D model is created. The 3-D model is then used to create a "cast" of the ideal shape of the bone which is used to shape the "graft" of any additional bone to enhance the underlying support for implant placement. This results in the teeth dictating the need and shape of the ridge augmentation rather than the underlying deficient bone dictating the position of the implant and teeth, which is what occurs now in implantology. Dr. Abe was honored to be asked to present this ground breaking concept to the 2018 National Periodontal Meeting in Vancouver, B.C.


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