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Microsurgery, Digital Dental Implantology
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CE: Restoratively Driven Guided Ridge Augmentation

Restoratively Driven Ridge Augmentation
Rapid 3-D Prototypeing in Ridge Augmentation 

October 4, 2018

Have you heard the buz words “restoratively driven implant placement” or prefer  screw retained crowns?  Frequently the ridge contour prevents such placement. To counter this the Socket Preservation and Ridge Augmentation procedures were developed. Many times the resulting ridge still makes implant placement and restoration difficult. It forces implant placement lingually or apically resulting in aesthetic as well as functional compromises such as “mushroom like” crowns, food traps, deep pockets and gingival recession over time. Because of this, the surgeon is then faced with a dilemma, accept the alveolar deficiency and place the implant anyway or perform another procedure. Through the use of CT scan 3-D planning and “rapid 3-D prototyping” a“virtual” ridge can be created, prior to the extraction, to digitally model a ridge. Dr. Abe has developed the restoratively driven ridge augmentation procedure which predictably creates a more ideal ridge contour. The anticipated final restoration and occlusion are used to dictate the ridge contour rather than allowing a compromised ridge to determine implant placement and compromised restorations. This results in a more predictable implant both functionally as will as aesthetically. Because the implants can be placed in a more ideal position, it is easier to create esthetically pleasing and functioning restorations. Dr. Abe will review how digital treatment planning with the use of rapid 3-D printing can allow restoratively driven ridge augmentation techniques to create more esthetic and functional restorations.

Dr. Abe was selected to present his Alveolar Buccal Enhancement procedure  at the” Innovations in Periodontics” lecture at the American Academy of Periodontology Meeting in October 2018.


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